Bally’s Enhancing Access to Childcare for Workers

Bally’s Enhancing Access to Childcare for Workers

Posted on: June three, 2022, 08:04h.&nbsp

Last updated on: June three, 2022, 08:04h.

Bally’s is expanding access to childcare for its workers, announcing a partnership with WeeCare that is accessible to the gaming company’s 7,500 workers in 14 states.

Bally's childcare
Bally’s on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. The operator is escalating access to childcare for its staff. (Image: Wayne Parry/AP)

WeeCare is the biggest childcare network in the United States, providing parents with an comprehensive lineup of in-residence daycare providers, babysitters, and nannies. Bally’s says access to WeeCare is free of charge for its staffers, but it’s not clear if the gaming firm is choosing up the tab for those solutions. Still, it could be notable perk for the casino operator’s staff due to the unusual hours in the gaming sector.

The plan is created to connect working parents and guardians with high quality, reliable, and affordable childcare options — all while accommodating the non-conventional operate hours of a lot of casino and resort personnel,” according to a statement.

Bally’s at the moment runs 14 casinos in 10 states and a horse racetrack in Colorado, as properly as iGaming, everyday fantasy sports (DFS), and sports wagering entities.

Bally’s Sees Value of Childcare

A lot more companies across a range of industries are realizing that childcare is a prime priority for operating families and that it can be leveraged as a benefit to attract and retain talent.

Some even go so far as to offer onsite nurseries and pre-college. Whilst the gaming business may possibly not be conducive to onsite childcare, Bally’s partnership with WeeCare does assist eliminate a time-consuming task from employees’ days.

Furthermore, Bally’s bringing this advantage to staffers is all the much more relevant nowadays simply because the coronavirus pandemic altered the childcare landscape.

“Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, households are experiencing extra challenges in discovering, sustaining, and affording childcare that meets their requirements,” according to the US Chamber of Commerce. “The challenges they face are persistent and complicated, but solvable, provided a willingness to work towards cross-sector options that involve families, enterprise leaders, childcare providers, and policymakers. Even prior to COVID-19, parents dedicated important energy and resources balancing their roles at property, in the community, and in the workplace.”

Bally’s Continues Theme of New Positive aspects in Gaming Industry

At a time when the labor market is tight and companies are fighting for employees, casino operators are coming with new perks to lure and preserve workers. Bally’s childcare system with WeeCare is an instance of that theme.

Caesars Entertainment is yet another instance of a gaming company extending benefits beyond the standard fare of wellness insurance, retirement plan contributions and paid time off. Earlier this week, that firm stated it is escalating the annual student loan repayment and tuition assistance rewards for its staff to $5,250.

That program also involves access to Caesars-sponsored scholarships and a 529 college savings strategy, which also consists of tax rewards.