Craps Table Rules – Simple versions

Are you new to playing Craps? If you are, then before you start betting, you need to know the basic rules and strategies for playing Craps. It is advisable to read more about the game or to watch some movies on the matter. The rules of playing Craps in Las Vegas are different from those in online casinos. There are also different kinds of bets that can be made by players in both the cases. However, there are several online casinos that offer different kinds of Craps tables rules so that the game can be played conveniently for all.

There are several ways in which the craps table rules can be understood. For instance, in a casino or any other place where people go for entertainment, they can go to a casino lounge and enjoy drinks with friends and family. When playing craps, people need to be in an environment where there are a number of other players. This is because in such an environment, it becomes easier for people to know the different strategies of betting. Therefore, it is important that when people play craps in Las Vegas or any other place, they need to know how to bet.

There are many craps table rules through which players may play the game better. Firstly, before any player starts betting, he needs to pass through a series of gates or starting gate. Once the player passes through these gates, he will start to see the number of his opponents. The number of opponents is called the starting hand.

Many online casinos have different craps table rules for online players. In most cases, the rules of the game are based upon the type of chips used. In the case of poker chips, players can always play craps with another player who does not hold the same kind of chips as he does. If anyone sees that a particular player holds certain chips, he must buy lesser number of chips and vice versa. This rule is applicable in most of the online casinos.

Now, let us see how online casino games work if we take the example of two players. Both of them can play craps with their respective computers provided that they have installed the same program into their computers. The simplest form of online craps table rules are known as simplified versions of street craps rules.

Simplified street rules of online casinos mean that players are allowed to use only two types of chips in playing craps. These two types of chips are known as “American Express” and “Bank of America”. If you look at the American Express card, you would notice that it has one point and a half inch ring. Similarly, Bank of America card has two points and a half inch ring. However, in the absence of the “American Express” in either of the cards, these points cannot be used. These two cards are the only accepted tokens in this type of craps table game.