Basic Craps Strategy

For many players the strategy of playing one hand, hoping to make it all the way to the end of the table without folding is not as important as the strategies of basic craps strategy. In the beginning the craps player has no real plan in place and simply plays the craps hand they happen to have. When things begin to go wrong, the player begins to look for an easy fix.

basic craps strategy

Most players think that is it easier to just to hedge your bets at the first opportunity by betting on all of the high-reward/low-risk options available, this will ensure that you make your money back twice as quickly. The safest and most basic strategy for basic craps is usually the Pass line. This will guarantee you at least a profit at all times because you are trying to beat out your opponents and not keep losing money on each bet.

When you are learning basic craps you should look to the long term, you want to learn strategies that will help you to win the pot consistently over a long period of time. Of course there is always the occasional “bust” where you are the only one to make it to the end of the table and you don’t know what to do with your money, but in general most players should be able to make some money from their first game. The key to winning is not to give up so quickly after you make a profit. If you are constantly losing money in every game then you will become frustrated and will probably quit.

If you are serious about learning basic craps strategy you need to understand that the more you learn, the less you need to rely on luck. There are a lot of variables involved in online craps and a lot of the success of a person can depend upon the luck factor. One of the main things you should be doing is looking to see how your opponents play. How many times have you found that there was a really good hand and that it didn’t pay off?

A lot of this is luck but if you notice that you are still losing every single game after you double the money you put into the pot the odds are probably not good. Maybe you have been playing in a very slow pace. Or maybe you are making all your bets early hand bets. If you play slow, it may be because you are afraid of being called. Most people tend to play too fast when they are nervous or scared, these factors can cause a lot of mistakes.

Remember to play basic craps and look to see how you are playing, if you notice that you are constantly losing, don’t fold. That’s not a winning strategy, if you do this you are going to burn a lot of money. Also remember that if you are playing at a casino make sure that you have the right table and that you have a lot of time to prepare for the next game.